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Cumbria Riding Club is ran by a group of unpaid volunteers, meet those that help keep the club going. We are always looking for new members to join or if you don't want to join but have an idea you would like to put forward get in touch with any of us below and we can bring up at our next meeting

Christen Hilton



Christen has been a CRC member since the late eighties and very quickly became a committee member. Over the years she has done most jobs and duties the club has to offer, from building cross country courses to hosting camps all with the help of her log suffering family. Christen has competed at at all levels and disciplines for the club at both area and championship competitions. For the last 16 years Christen has been the chairman of the club and enjoys encouraging members to have a go at things and help them to realise just what they can do. 


Louise Hufton



Louise has been a member of CRC for the past 5 years and enjoys taking part in all disciplines with her lovely little horse Sox. Louise and Sox have represented the club at area and championship level in arena eventing as show jumping. Recently, she has taken over as club treasurer and will be on hand during this season to help run events.

Vicky Stabler

Georgia Clarke

Membership and Area co-ordinator


Georgia has been a member of CRC since she got her first horse Giggsy almost 7 years ago. They had a bit of a slow start and never thought they would both be representing the club at area and championship level. They are both looking forwards to representing the club this year and is hoping to get another championship ticked off the list. Georgia has recently joined the committee as membership and area competitions co-ordinator and is looking forward to helping with club competitions this season.

Maria Stott

Georgina Callister


Georgina Callister has been a member of CRC since 1986.

Over the years she has competed with various fell ponies in the events run by CRC and always had a glorious time. Now semi- retired Georgina thinks it’s time to put something back into the club to enable others to have the benefits and the sheer enjoyment she has has over the years and will continue to have as a riding member of the club. She will compete mostly at dressage with her current Fell Pony Linnel Whistler, although he would much prefer to be jumping he has had some good results inbetween the white boards.  

Georgina is new to the committee for 2022 so doesn't have a specific role just yet although she is sure that will change. She is looking forward to seeing you all in 2022 and wishes you all good luck.


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