Spring Hunter Trails

Class Name Horse/Pony Place

1 - Warm Up

(Clear Rounds)

Julie Fell Hyton Sedona  
  Emma Jackson Berties Crossing  
  Ellie Naylor Tilly  
  Liz Ostle Alfie  
​2 - Rusty Novice Helen Fenwick Alfie 1st
  Danielle Walker Fudge 2nd
3 - Novice Megan Lister Grace 1st
  Linda Rome Leah 2nd
  Victoria Graham Maggie 3rd
  Robyn Anderson Darcy Brown 4th =
  Bex Armstrong Girlie 4th =
  Karen Polmear Spot 5th
  Julie Fell Hyton Sedona 6th
4 - Open Novice Vicky Stabler LJ 1st
  Rhona McDowell Twink 2nd
5 - Intermediate Ellie Naylor Glaramarra Ranger 1st
  Anne Phillips Rasperella 2nd
  Sarah Sharpe Red Alert 3rd
  Helen Robinson Colehill 4th
6 - Open Anne Phillips Johnny Cash 1st
  Ben Meller Kashmeer 2nd
Turnout Helen Robinson ​Colehill 1st =
  Sarah Sharpe Red Alert 1st =
  Robyn Anderson Darcy Brown 1st =
  Rhona McDowell Twink 2nd =
  Vicky Stabler LJ 2nd =
  Charlotte Wilson Ramona 2nd =
  Bex Armstrong Girlie 3rd
  Sarah Cockelty Roo 4th
  Linda Rome Leah 5th
  Ellie Naylor Glaramarra Ranger 6th

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