Arena Eventing

Arena Eventing was a new competition for Cumbria Riding Club this year. The event was held on Sunday 12th June at Newton Manor. Matt's Equestrian Photography attended the event to capture some of the action. Click here to view his photos!


If you were unable to collect your rosette, they will be available at the caravan at the next event.

Class Name Horse/Pony Place     
1 - Rusty Novice Jenna Newsham Miss Molly 1
  Carol Cockelty Quayside Candidate 2
  Orla McBride Billie 3
  Tilly Whitehead Bay Viking 4
  Becca Lutwyche Golden Promise 5
2 - Novice Tilly Whitehead Rangerman 1
  Victoria Graham Ethel 2
  Bekah Hocking Top Rock Carlos 3
  Liz Ostle Alice 4
  Becca Lutwyche Golden Promise 5
  Helen Fenwick Charlie 6
3 - Open Novice Vicky Stabler Eljay 1
  Tilly Whitehead Rangerman 2
  Clare North Sprinwell Gracie 3
4 - Intermediate Liz Ostle Freya 1
  Megan Lister Gracie 2
  Catherine Park Callie 3
  David Hilton Miss O'Malley 4
  Mike Reed Leo 5
  Sam Carr Lola 6
5 - Open Letitia Cummings

Mr Darcy

Turnout Carol Cockelty Quayside Candidate 1
  Jayne Jackson Scout VII 2
  Helen Fenwick Charlie 3
  Charlotte Wilson Ramona V 4
  Rhona McDowell Marco 5
  Vicky Stabler Eljay 6
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