Presentation Night 2016

Presentation Night was held at the Falcon Club on 21 October. Thank you to everyone who came and well done to those who won trophies and prizes. If you werent able to attend and have won a trophy, please let Bekah know and we will arrange to get it to you.

Rusty Novice ODE Trophy Amy Johnstone & Lucy
Restricted Novice ODE Trophy Liz Ostle & Freya
Open Novice ODE Trophy Sheila Sloan & Tonto
Intermediate ODE Trophy Charlotte Nichol & Skip
Open ODE Trophy Rebecca Glasson & Denver
Rusty Novice Combined Training Trophy Georgia Clarke & Giggsy
Novice Combined Training Trophy Liz Ostle & Freya
Intermediate Combined Training Trophy Robyn Anderson & Darcey Brown
Lucky Jim Trophy Gill Jackson & Danny
Peter Gurney Trophy Christen Hilton, David Hitlon, James Hilton, Bekah Hocking, Vicky Stabler & Robyn Anderson
Flicka Dressage Trophy Helen Marshall & Marcus
Fenwick Dressage Trophy Gillian Kilburn & Cracker
Dressage Cup Fiona Ellwood & Neal
Haylard Whicham Trophy Gillian Kilburn & Cracker
Matty Memorial Trophy Fiona Ellwood & Neal
Working Hunter Champion Megan Lister & Chico
Ridden Hunter Robyn Anderson & Darcey Brown
Rusty Novice AHT Trophy Rachel Miller & Lucas
Restricted Novice AHT Trophy Jayne Jackson & Scout
Open Novice AHT Trophy Harold Haraldson & Maddie and Bex Armstrong & Girlie
Intermediate AHT Trophy Liz Ostle & Freya
Open AHT Trophy Claire Raine & Breeze
Best Comeback Harold Haraldson & Maddie
Best Assistant Committee Member Tilly Whitehead
Most horses competed on throughout the year Christen
Best change of discipline (from dressage to show jumping) David Robinson & Josie
Most improved young horse and rider Rachel Miller & Lucas
Most improved horse and rider Jayne Jackson & Scout
Golden Horseshoe Award Rhona McDowell & Marco
Best Helper Award Karen Polmear
Dressage Points Trophy Gillian Kilburn & Cracker
Best Veteran Carol Cockelty & Abel
Turnout Trophy Vicky Stabler & LJ
Rusty Points:  
6th Helen Marhall
5th Rhona McDowell
4th Fran Hoggarth
3rd Georgia Clarke
2nd Louise Hufton
1st Carol Cockelty
Runner Up Rusty Points Trophy Louise Hufton & Sox
Rusty Points Trophy Carol Cockelty & Able
Overall Points:  
6th Helen Fenwick
5th David Hilton
4th Sheila Sloan
3rd = Charlotte Nichol & Liz Ostle
2nd Robyn Anderson
1st = Vicky Stabler & Bekah Hocking
Reserve Points Trophy Helen Fenwick & Charlie
Overall Points Trophy Vicky Stabler & LJ and Bekah Hocking & Halo
Reserve Best Mare David Hilton & Miss O'Malley
Reserve Best Gelding Robyn Anderson & Darcey Brown
Best Mare Charlotte Nichol & Skip and Liz Ostle & Freya
Best Gelding Vicky Stabler & LJ and Bekah Hocking & Halo
Members Member Vicky Stabler & Bekah Hocking
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