Spring Hunter Trails Results


Class 2 - Pony Club Novice:


1st. Jen Telfer & Blue (OPT)

2nd. Ellie Naylor & Alice


Class 3 - Restricted Novice


1st. Jackie McClure & Merlin

2nd. Jackie Southward & Freddie

3rd. Jayne Jackson & Scout

4th. Gemma Greening & Tilly

5th. Victoria Sebley & Darcy

6th. Mel Vaughan & Bramble

Helen Robinson & Holly (OPT)


Class 4 - Open Novice


1st. Bekah Hocking & Halo (OPT)

2nd. Vicky Stabler & LJ

3rd. Victoria Graham and Miss Dotty

4th Fran Hoggarth & Brando


Class 5 - Pony Club Intermediate


1st. Lettie Wearing & Dougal

2nd. Olivia Whitehead & Joey (OPT)

3rd. Libby Ross & Deerpark Rebel

4th. Jessica Hogg & Wicky


Class 6 - Riding Club Intermediate


=1st. Sarah Cockelty & Ellie/Linda Rome & Leah (OPT)

2nd. Leanne Winder & Maximus

3rd. Christen Hilton & Manhatten Macey

4th. Anna Tilsley & Thunder

5th. Liz Ostle & Freya

6th. Rachel Cockelty & Lorna


Class 8 - Riding Club Open


1st. Lauren Foxon & Willow

2nd. Elisha Wilson & Flicka (OPT)





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