Changes to membership applications and renewals for 2024


  The British Riding Clubs (BRC) office has introduced a new online membership system using, with immediate effect. Over the last few weeks the Cumbria Riding Club (CRC) committee has been working hard to get this system set up and to learn how it works so that you can renew your membership and also join the club easily. 

Existing members should have received an email explaining this new system from BRC. (I would advise that you also check Spam / Junk folders). Your current membership information has already been transferred to the new system.


  What it means for you as a member is that:

-  it will only be possible to become a riding club member and a member of Cumbria Riding Club through this system. From now on Cumbria Riding Club can no longer accept the old membership forms and payment by BACs, cheque or cash

-  renewal will be annual rather than from the 1st January ie: if you join on 1st May 2024 your renewal date will be 30th April 2025

- you will be asked to set up payment through a Stripe account for which there is a £1.50 charge


  Membership fee for 2024 is £40, however from the 1st January BRC will take £24 per member as their affiliation fee. However, if you join / renew before 31st December 2023 BRC affiliation fee is only £20 which means your club receives £4 more income / member. CRC would be very grateful if you would consider doing this as it will mean more income for us over the 2024 season which we can spend to enhance your enjoyment of our competitions and training.


Reminder:  in order to undertake training and competitions organised by CRC at CRC prices you need to be a member of CRC. We will carry this until 29th February but after this date if you are not a member or have not renewed your membership you will need to pay the non member fee. We are sorry to have to do this but this is for insurance purposes.


Below are a number of support documents which will help you renew or join Cumbria Riding Club using this online system. I would advise that you look at them before you start.


Becoming a new member of Cumbria Riding Club:

Copy and paste this link and you should be taken directly to the Cumbria Riding Club membership page.


Please read the support document below on Registering as a New Member before you start as this will guide you through the process step by step.


If anyone has any queries relating to membership, please contact us through the CRC facebook page or via the CRC email address:

We will try to get you through the issue you are experiencing.



We also use Facebook and Messenger as a means of communication about traning clinics, competitions and times etc. It is, therefore useful if you follow us on Facebook and regularly check our pages.


Thank you for becoming a member of our club or renewing your existing membership. We very much value your support. We look forwards to seeing you all at our training sessions and competitions in 2024. Have a great season and lots of fun everyone.



Registering as an existing BRC member
Please read
Adobe Acrobat document [1'009.8 KB]
Registering as a new member of Cumbria Riding Club
Please read
Adobe Acrobat document [1.6 MB]
How to update your personal details
Please read
Adobe Acrobat document [429.9 KB]
Adding another member to your account
Please read - valuable for family memberships / multiple memberships
Adobe Acrobat document [938.9 KB]


Please click on the documents below to read our Privacy Policy and Consitution


Cumbria Riding Club Constitution
Please read the Cumbria Riding Club Constitution below
BRC Club Constitution.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [65.0 KB]
Cumbria Riding Club Privacy Policy
CRC Privacy Policy.pdf
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To find out any club news or information regarding the new BRC standards please visit the CRC News page!

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